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Located in Central Saskatchewan



You can find us between
Saskatoon & Regina on Hwy#11
We are:
3.6 Km south of the
Hwy #15 junction. See our map.


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In Suppoprt of Rural Saskatchewan


Pavelich Farm Yard - Chicken Accommodations


Chicken sheds and runs. There are 2 sheds. We added a second one behind the white one which is larger and better insulated for winter. We use this one for parapenalia, feed and storage.

View of Chicken Shed


At the back is a closable access to the main run which is large and full of grass for them. To the right is the second coop. Both have court yards to contain them for safety. They get access to the outside runs, which are wired in, during the day. We used to let them run the yard but it's far easier and less worrysome to have just give them access to range this way.

Back of Courtyard


Chicken court-yards.

Inside Cour yard


Chicken run (part). Beyond the fence is the front field flower garden.

Chicken Run



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